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We offer an innovative concept in property management particular to Lomond Property Factors.

“Factoring does not always need to be an emergency service. We believe that owners would welcome knowing in advance where maintenance costs are likely.”

We will regularly survey your property and present a condition report outlining where we believe maintenance issues are likely to arise. This allows owners to:

Be proactive about the care of the building

Budget for forthcoming expenditure in advance

Effect repairs before they become an expensive emergency



Core Factoring Services

  • We arrange common maintenance and manage necessary repairs on behalf of owners
  • We seek competitive quotes from approved contractors for any major works required
  • We arrange buildings insurance
  • We coordinate and manage landscaping/garden maintenance and close cleaning
  • We provide a free advisory service for our clients in relation to maintenance issues
  • We collect payment from the owners for communal expenditure


These services are included in our factoring fee. We invoice quarterly in advance and itemise routine maintenance and contractor costs.

For more information on how we can help you, contact us today.


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